1. Lazy Afternoon

  2. Kangaroo
    Steve Evans/Michael Jefry Stevens

  3. Flow

  4. Brass Tactics

  5. Wojtczak NY Connection "Folk Five"
    Irek Wojtczak & The Fonda/Stevens Group

  6. Mountain Song
    MIchael Jefry Stevens/Eliot Wadopian

  7. That's What I Want to Do
    Nicole Metzger and the New York Connection

  8. At Any Other Time

  9. Songbook
    Griffith/Stevens Quartet

  10. Only Love
    Griffith/Stevens Quartet

  11. In the Tradition

  12. Perfect Dream
    The Wendy Jones Quartet

  13. What About ....?
    Conference Call

  14. Poetry in Motion
    Conference Call

  15. Live at the Outpost Performance Space
    Conference Call

  16. Variations on a Master Plan
    Conference Call Quartet

  17. Final Answer
    Conference Call

  18. Seven
    Conference Call

  19. Spirals
    Conference Call

  20. Aercine

  21. Today This Moment
    The Mosaic Sextet

  22. A Scent in Motion
    Sorgen-Rust-Stevens Trio

  23. Novella
    Sorgen-Rust-Stevens Trio

  24. Haiku
    Michael Jefry Stevens/Mark Feldman Duo

  25. Decade
    Sorgen - Rust - Stevens

  26. Play

  27. Icicles
    Eastern Boundary Quartet

  28. Live at De Werf
    Eastern Boundary Quartet

  29. Eastern Boundary Quartet
    Eastern Boundary Quartet

  30. Side Effects
    Generations Trio

  31. Tale of Two Cities/Parallel Lines

  32. Freedom of Choice
    Jazzic Trio

  33. Remembering the Future
    Jon Hemmersam Group

  34. Dear Jonas

  35. Anzix

  36. Upcast

  37. The Wall
    Brain Inventory Trio

  38. Shifting Moods
    In Transit Quartet

  39. Moving Stills
    In Transit Quartet

  40. Short Stories
    Michael Jefry Stevens/Mark Whitecage

  41. Equinox
    Michael Jefry Stevens/Dominic Duval/Tomas Ulrich

  42. Elements
    Michael Jefry Stevens/Dominic Duval/Dom Minasi/Mark Whitecage/Jay Rosen

  43. Portrait in Red

  44. Trading Post
    Southern Excursion Quartet

  45. Survivor's Suite

  46. Duets

  47. For Andrew
    Michael Jefry Stevens Trio

  48. Memorial
    Jeff Marx Quartet

  49. Six
    Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson Trio

  50. Live from Spielboden
    The Fonda/Stevens Group

  51. Trio + 2
    The Fonda/Stevens Group Trio

  52. Memphis
    Fonda/Stevens Group

  53. Trio
    Fonda/Stevens Group

  54. Live at Alte Paketpost
    Fonda/Stevens Group

  55. Forever Real
    Fonda/Stevens Group

  56. Twelve Improvisations
    Fonda/Stevens Group

  57. Live at the Bunker
    Fonda/Stevens Group

  58. Evolution
    Fonda/Stevens Group

  59. The Healing
    Fonda/Stevens Group

  60. Live from Brugge
    Fonda/Stevens Group

  61. Parallel Lines
    Fonda/Stevens Group

  62. The Wish
    Fonda/Stevens Group


Michael Jefry Stevens Black Mountain, North Carolina

Stevens performs extensively in Europe, Latin America and North America. Current working ensembles include Conference Call Quartet, Fonda/Stevens Group, Eastern Boundary Quartet, Vocalist Nicole Metzger, and New Orleans horn man Brian “Breeze” Cayolle. Michael has released over 75 cds and has performed with Dave Liebman, Dave Douglas, Matt Wilson, Mark Feldman, Miles Griffith and many others. ... more

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